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synthesis of ideas, beauty and functionality

architecture is a complex and entertaining job, with an important goal: the improvement of the quality of people’s life, from primary physical needs to the most abstract conditions


the relationship between architecture and nature

can nowadays the industrial architecture project become the place in which to operate to keep these two divergent logics together?

This is the key point of our work: the project for industrial architecture is a great opportunity to rethink the combination of architecture and nature, putting Man back into focus.

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reading the territory and internal space

we deal simultaneously with the production processes and the relationships between artifice and nature, figure and background, and between work environments.
Instead of creating self-referential architecture, we can transform the project into a permanent connection with the landscape, strengthening the identity of the place.


zooming scale

zooming with a photographic gaze, shifting from different scales, from large to small and viceversa, without ever stopping, until the end of the work: it serves not to lose sight of any passage, to look at the volumes from the outside bearing in mind the reverse shot, the view of those inside.
The project must read the territory together with the internal space of the office.
Architecture thus manages to hold together an idea of a critical relationship with the context with the tactile and artisan quality of the things that touch.

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rigorous essentiality of forms

architecture must hold together different reading “scales”, from the general view from the street to the details of the windows that will be used by people every day. In particular, the projects for the industry sector are large enough to deal with the territory and the landscape.


monochrome and materiality

although architecture cannot exclude or ignore engineering or economic logics, it can at the same time tend towards formal abstraction.
For us, the use of pure colors is the search for abstraction.
Black and white tend to clearly define the relationships between shapes, volumes and to the context.

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control of the process

the process requires a continuous and rigorous control, because there are many people involved in the production of a building, with different professional skills.
Only the architect has a complete view of the final result before having it realized, and has a fundamental role of “direction” during the entire process of building.



sustainability today has become an important communication topic, and therefore lends itself to begin misunderstood or abused. Furthermore, it is often reduced to a simple question of energy saving but it is a fundamental issue that must be addressed in a scientific way and above all it must concern all aspects of the project.
According to us, it is not just an anergy issue, but it is linked to the act of building-well and the well-being.

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