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Industrial area - Cividale
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North facade
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Conference room
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Main entrance
South facade


Faber Industries S.P.A.


parcel area:

106.000 sqm


total cubic area:

10.500 mc



2013 Construction Completed


The project for the new offices of Faber Industrie Spa is part of a comprehensive strategy aimed at developing and planning the whole area owned by the company, which includes the construction of a new plant, about to be completed, the reorganization of in-house logistics, access control, parking lot and roads, as well as the general site plan and landscape.

The new Headquarters are composed of two east-to-west longitudinal volumes of different heights and lengths, linked together by a central building serving as hall/reception, waiting area and functional connection between several areas.

The southern building includes communal and representation areas, and namely some meeting rooms, an auditorium and a technological centre on the ground floor; administration, marketing and technical offices on the first floor.

The northern building, the shortest and tallest, includes the offices related to the adjacent plant and to staff on the ground floor; the first floor houses the top managers’ offices and the Board’s room; the second floor is devoted to all activities linked to technological research and development.

Moreover, another volume in the basement of the central building is created to accommodate a private garage, technical and technological rooms, the corporate records and service areas.

Special care was devoted to the relation between spatial rigour, flexibility of use over time and space, and volumes capable of offering high quality views and perspectives, by using simple materials and finishes of great visual impact.

The large glazed surfaces allow using always direct and indirect natural light, controlled with automated screens and shutters.

Special care was also given to the indoor/outdoor relation, by developing a landscape plan directed eastward to the plant and westward to farmland. To the south, the project connects with an area currently occupied by the entrance lodge and warehouses, which has been entirely redesigned and reorganized.


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