Furla Progetto Italia



Tavarnelle Val di Pesa | Firenze | Italy

Furla Progetto Italia
Furla Progetto Italia
Furla Progetto Italia


Furla Progetto Italia

FC Immobiliare S.p.A.


building program

total area: 43.000 sqm

total building surface: 18.200 sqm

production area: 14.250 sqm

office area: 3.950 cqm


2021 Construction Completed


Furla Progetto Italia, an industrial architecture and office project integrated into nature, where quality of workplaces and sustainability meet the landscape.

The new Furla Factory, built in Tavarnelle Val di Pesa (Florence), is immersed in the Chianti area.

The project deals with a fundamental theme: the inclusion of architecture for industry in the Italian landscape and it offers an opportunity to rethink the quality of the workplace. Architecture and Nature merge from North to South and from East to West, creating a relationship with the typical elements of the Chianti landscape, made up of hilly views, ancient villages and small agricultural hamlets.

Furla Factory is made by three main bodies: one for offices, two for laboratories and logistics, all designed to integrate into the landscape in the least invasive way.

The morphology of the land is respected and enhanced in the three fundamental elements: the driveway, the terraces and Piazza Furla. Nature transcends the boundaries between inside and outside thanks to a system of patios and green roofs overlooking the wooded area.

The main entrance incorporates the archetype of accesses to the Tuscan villa: an ordered row of cypresses that welcomes the visitor and describes the access path. This rhythm is repeated on the facade of the buildings with sunscreen filtering blades that control the light leaving a free view.

Along the avenue the buildings are arranged in harmonic succession of floors, staggered in plan and placed on different levels to accomodate the different activities of the Factory, the parking integrated into the morphology of the land, and Piazza Furla, the focal point of the axis that marks the arrival and the main entrance. From this panoramic point, conceived as the heart of the Company, you can access both the management and the production areas, thus creating a perfect combination of offices and laboratories, which, although organized in different volumes, are organically connected by internal paths.

The entrance to the offices, with the double-height reception and the large open-air hall become the point where the boundaries between architecture and landscape merge. The interiors have been designed in order to have concrete layout flexibility. The orderly sequence of offices is punctuated by green patios, relationship spaces, such as meeting rooms, break areas and showrooms. The patios and green roofs of the offices create great permeability between inside and outside, giving life to places where people can work, but also relax in contact with nature.

architectural design and artistic supervision:

GEZA Gri e Zucchi Architettura


Arch. Alessia Dorigo (project leader)

Arch. Marjana Dedaj (project leader)

Arch. Stefania Anzil

Arch. Elisa Mansutti

Arch. Beatrice Pellos

Arch. Clemens Kusch - CFK Architetti (coordination)

structural design and supervision of works:

Biagini & Bracciali - Studio di Ingegneria

Landscape design:

LAND Italia srl

mechanical and electrical plants:

Consilium srl Servizi d'Ingegneria

Client supervision:

Andrea Varini