AUG Housing

2015 Competition by selection

2014 Competition by invitation

The competition for the ex Uccellis area (Udine) regarded the design of a new residential building of 100 units, characterized by a high-density housing, that was meant to be put on the local and restricted market.

2014 Competition

Competition announced by Convitto dell’Istituto Superiore Sportivo “Claudia de’Medici”, Malles 

2012 Competition by invitation

To live immerse into the green in the city center's heart. In the intersection of two paduan urban realities, the medieval neighbourhood in curtain and the suburban villas surrounded by green, a new living typology is born: the hanging villas.


The project will develop two features at the same time: on one hand, a general master plan aimed at redesigning the look of the neighbourhood; on the other hand, the architectural layout of the residential structures in relationship with the surrounding area and the city. 


An architectural volume is added northward to complete the sequence of three housing blocks formerly built by GEZA in the same area. 

Running perpendicular to the existing buildings, the volume is rotated by 15° southward and creates perspective views that make a continuous relation with the other buildings. 


The project deals with the construction of three housing units included in a master plan in Feletto, in the northern suburbs of Udine.

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