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First and second floor plan
First and second floor plan

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Immobiliare Friulana Nord Spa


total area:

5.000 sqm


total cubic area:

14.700 mc



2005 Construction Completed


The project deals with the construction of three housing units included in a master plan in Feletto, in the northern suburbs of Udine.

Some primary objectives were fixed:

- to define the main front facing the road, which is always seen in perspective, through a row of taller buildings with a strong bond to the urban landscape as opposed to lower volumes facing the communal garden;

- to offer open views over the mountains northwards and the garden westwards;

- to guarantee ultimate flexibility of spaces and flats;

- to develop volumes and facades so as to create an impression of “superposed villas”;

- to offer high quality finishes, while complying with budgetary limits to match the market price of the residential block.

The volume of each building is divided in two blocks: the block facing the street is rotated by 15 degrees as compared to the alignment of the master plan, to clear the view of the buildings; on the contrary, the smaller internal block overlooking the garden keeps the same arrangement as the other buildings. The gap created by the rotation is used for the entrance hall and communal lifts, stairs and landings.

The plan comprises five identical “modules”: by simply changing the partitions between them, three to five units per floor may be obtained - i.e. 33 to 51 flats per block –, up to maximum 10 different types. These types can be varied without altering the bearing structure or the arrangement of front openings.

The sectional view of the building is conceptually divided into three blocks with different external solutions: the ground floor has private gardens; the two upper floors feature cantilevered balconies looking like large “drawers”; and the setback top floor with wide panoramic balconies shrinks the volume visible from the outside.

In elevation, the themes developed in section and in plan are completed by the elements of the fronts. Although they are designed as large “made-to-measure” facades, some standardised elements are added to create an articulated system of frames/shutters.

The building connection to the ground support the introduction of private gardens inside the communal space: the sequence of open spaces outlined by low red concrete walls and hedges, by stone and gravel/concrete paving, and by green areas at different levels helps to outline private areas (covered outdoor living-dining space), semi-public (entrances and sunshades) and public spaces (pathways beside the garages) as elements integrated with the buildings.


GEZA – Stefano Gri, Piero Zucchi



Gianluca Buttolo

Giuseppe Crimaldi



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