A few years after the inauguration, Pratic doubles its size. Same clients and same architects who strongly believe in the same values: simplicity and efficiency. The new volume, built in adherence to the industrial building of the first lot, is a complex project, despite apparently showing an essential character.


The project for the new offices of Faber Industrie Spa is part of a comprehensive strategy aimed at developing and planning the whole area owned by the company, which includes the construction of a new plant, about to be completed, the reorganization of in-house logistics, access control, parking lot and roads, the general site plan and landscape.

2013 competition by invitation 1st prize

The objective of the project is to define a System, answering both the market demands and the urban codes. This System is able to dialogue with the surrounding urban situation, expressing the innate nature, besides satisfying the present and future flexibility demands.



The project concerns the construction of a new plant and offices for Pratic Spa, specialist manufacturers of awnings.


1999 - 2011

Between 1999 and 2011, Geza developed projects for some thirty bank branches: the management and organization of the works were key issues, both during planning and construction.

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