Z House


Z House is a holiday home, a place to live an intense relationship with nature and the mountains.

FCT House


Project for a private house


Project for a private house on Lago Maggiore.


Project for a private house on Lago Maggiore.


The theme of holiday residences in Lignano Pineta appealed several architects between the 1960s and 1970s. Based on this tradition, the project deals with a detached house and a semi-detached house on an extraordinary parcel left clear in the spiral-shaped plan of the area designed by architect Marcello D'Olivo.

Project of a detached holiday house on the slope of a hill in Hohenthurn, Austria.

The project is aimed at complying with the type of a mountain house for both design and materials used.


In Progress...


The project includes three different volumes: a two-storey main residence with a single-floor structure facing a private garden; a dependance making a whole front northwards; a covered pool concealed from bordering buildings to the west. 


The project involves the demolition of two extant buildings and the construction of two similar volumes in the same position, with totally new shape and structure.


The project deals with restoring and enlarging a house from the early 20th century, planning open spaces and the park with the addition of a new garage into the hill. 

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