Collective Collaboration Laboratory:
an informal meeting of minds to achieve
architecture of superior quality and content

//Italy and India meet together

GEZA_photo credits Elisa Mansutti
Udine, Italia

Stefano Gri e Piero Zucchi
Udine, Italy

Mumbai, India

Sanjeev Panjabi, Sangeeta Merchant
Mumbai, India

//Our manifesto

This is who we are

// Interculturalism

an honest attempt to use our diverse training and experience over the last 25 years of practice and pooling together, our know-how and resources


// Sharing

our learnings, of the regions we have operated in, ethnic specificities of locales, material knowledge, understanding of building quality architecture in whatever medium and geography, with the ethos of sustainability at the forefront


// Connecting

over the years both practices have made connections with people, materials, professionals, institutions, philanthropists, artists, builders, craftsmen, engineers, etc, in general to facilitate the realization of pure and quality architecture


// Teamwork

formulate a way to address world issues through genuine teamwork and collaboration, in projects, lectures, competitions and all other architecture and design pursuits


We believe that shared knowledge and experiences, lead to a better product.
All architecture through the years has been a product of immense team work.

It is time to further our reach and imaginations.

We also believe that life works in mysterious and organic ways! One such instance is our meeting: GEZA, from Italy, with SPASM, from India.

For the first time we both felt a deep synergy.

Our belief is collective knowledge and goals, together with the huge experience between our teams, along with the simple Humane design ethos we share, could lead to an amazing set of projects.

Our diverse cultural backgrounds, have the makings of interesting dialogue and new discoveries and paths of inquiry.

Relevant Architecture, birthed in its very acute specificity of locale and use, enthuses us, as does the possibility of four minds creating, imagining and delivering top class projects at world standards, wherever they may take us.

Life is about happiness and a sense of bringing about a transformation at a Global level. Making our ever-shrinking planet a haven for human occupation, work and passionate pursuits, that make it worth living.

Identity, of our very different cultures could lead to very peculiar endearing solutions, that we face in our profession of design every day.

We, have deliberated, shared each other’s works, with our studio teams, our real families, we don’t want this to be superficial in any way. We can now test ideas with 40 motivated team members across Europe and India, produce work that underscores both the firms’ passions.

Sustainability, is a goal for both Firms, our outlook is expansive, with a deep sense of inclusivity.
You cannot move ahead as a race, if you don’t take all with you.

For us a successful project has a report card. Every aspect, from the materials we build with, to economy of use, sense of light, capturing the aspirations of our patrons and a poetic that goes further than its sheer purpose, to uplifting the human spirit is where a project must score.

Together we can use shared realisations, to achieve architecture of superior quality and content.

We are in the pursuit of dreams.