Atyrau | Kazakhstan





intervention area:

46.430 sqm


total area:

12.200 sqm



2011 Design Competion 1st prize

The project will develop two features at the same time: on one hand, a general master plan aimed at redesigning the look of the neighbourhood; on the other hand, the architectural layout of the residential structures in relationship with the surrounding area and the city. The East-to-West axis guides the order of the master plan, which includes the newly-built edifices and the buildings now under construction, so as to set them as a unitary and harmonic architectural whole in an area subject to fast development.


The four buildings and the square entertain a close symbiotic relationship, and create an iconic, rigorous while articulated central place aimed at offering the greatest possible urban quality. The towers, which are slightly shifted and twisted, resemble, as seen from north, four inhabitants of Atyrau who from the Asian bank look towards the European bank. When seen from south, on the contrary, they look like four tall trees shielding the large square in the middle of the neighbourhood against the heat. Eight large facades with opposite orientation will oppose the harsh climate: the four northbound facades will fight the cold in winter (made of the same stone as the stone of the square pavement); the southbound facades will protect against the heat in summer (symbolically, they represent four trees, offering shade to the community life on the square).


GEZA – Stefano Gri, Piero Zucchi



Stefania Anzil

Tina Carletti

Isabella Moreale

Elisabetta Paviotti


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