the shape of 3F Filoluce was inspired by the shape of the paper clip, an object that symbolically represents the working activity of an office

3F Filoluce

3F Filippi


the free-standing steel luminaire designed for work environments features a white opal methacrylate diffuser and a prismatic screen.
Its versatile and light design - a 38-mm fixed diameter from base to diffuser - make 3F Filoluce easy to fit in any environment, addressing the new needs of contemporary offices.


with 3F Filoluce design and quality come together in a single element with a slim and unusual shape, designed to enhance the work environment from a technical and aesthetic point of view.
A light fixture with a light shape was conceived, which evolves in a series of curves, to reach the desk with its quality light.
In its development from the ground, the luminaire returns to curve downwards, as if to recall the effect of a suspension lamp, and then ends parallel to the worktop in an unusual opaque white diffuser, whose shape allows effective distribution of the luminous flux. The choice to use a section with a reduced circumference stems from the desire to give lightness and an almost graphic effect to the environment.

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