Silk-Faw is an example of Land Art: it combines technology and innovation with the agricultural landscape; industrial architecture with nature; sustainability of the work space

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A new city on the Via Emilia.
The Roman axis on Via Emilia is a very busy intersection that gathers people and different scopes. It has been a crucial reference point for many cities, towns, factories, farms, suburbs, but also traditions, history and cultures that meet with the modern era, innovation and economics changes. All within a welcoming and fostering environment.This is where the Motor Valley was born and the concept for this project does play around this very place, so inspiring and articulated.

The new SILK-FAW campus is designed to be a new city, in line with the Italian tradition of the futuristic cities. It is developed at the intersection of two axes, as history teaches with the Roman Empire cardo and decumanus rule. A new landmark: blue e-line and experience line.

The Blue e-Line is a Technological Boulevard that contains all the confidential, specific and specialized information that the Company develops within it. It’s conceptual and is represented by the BLUE color if clean, fast and quiet energy. Articulated on several levels, it is a volumetric line, consisting of roads, tracks, ramps squares, gardens, shelters and buildings. The e-line is managed by a thinking Head, the Blue Tower with the directional complex that welcomes and sorts the main flows; it contains an emotional Heart – the Innovation Center – where the search for Beauty takes place; it is powered by the great machine of the productive workshops, unified under a large shed cover made of voids and solids, permeable to vegetation.

From the barycentre of Styling Center, combination of creative though and technological knowledge, the Experience Line branches off perpendicular to the e-line axis.

The Experience Line is a gentle, elegant axis, in balance with the rhythms of man and nature. Unlike the Blue e-line – formally more powerful, introverted and articulated – this line conveys lightness and transparency.
Representative of the most extroverted side of SILK-FAW, here there is no industrial secret, but the ability to relate to the outside world and the experience of living well at 360°. It is intended for research, innovation and the psychophysical well-being of the user and the visitor.
Here you can breathe.
The design of this element represents the deep link with the surrounding, with the landscaper with the green sustainability that the world needs.
Represented by the color Green, it will be gently absorbed over the years by nature.

  • Location

    Motor Valley, Emilia Romagna – località Gavassa

  • Client

    Silk-Faw Automotive Group Italy S.r.l.

  • Chronology

    Giugno 2021

  • Total Area

    340.000 sqm

  • Total Volume

    90.000 sqm

  • Render Video


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