GEZA_08_Faber_photo_Massimo Crivellari
GEZA_08_Faber_photo_Massimo Crivellari
GEZA_08_Faber_photo_Massimo Crivellari

industrial architecture and landscape

industrial architecture and landscape

industrial architecture and landscape

designing buildings where you work means reconciling a multiplicity of elements: the harmonious relationship with the landscape, the well-being of those who live in these spaces, the aesthetic research

GEZA_08_Faber_photo_Massimo Crivellari1
GEZA_08_Faber_photo_Massimo Crivellari1
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Pratic 2.0

The Pratic building dialogues with the Earth and the Sky, with light and shadow. The productive and directional functions relate to the landscape without mimicry

GEZA_04_Faber_photo_Massimo Crivellari2
GEZA_19_Faber_photo_Massimo Crivellari-3

Faber Headquarters

The Faber building is the perfect example of the mutual relationship between architecture and nature: the landscape in not just part of the surrounding but a component of the industrial architecture itself

Furla Progetto Italia

The project deals with a fundamental theme: the inclusion of architecture for industry in the Italian landscape and offers an opportunity to rethink the quality of the workspace


Architecture and nature are always harmoniously linked in our design concepts

Our industrial architecture projects focus on the perfect harmony between landscape and construction elements


We dialogue with functionality and beauty through the rigor of forms

Our signature marks include black & white along with pure colours to highlight volumes and shapes through the dynamic reaction with light

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GEZA is the result of the work and ideas of many professionals

Architects, collaborators, interns, but also engineers and consultants. There are many people who, with their commitment, have contributed to making each project special

Ritratti Studio-0204


Over 200 customers have so far believed in our ideas for the construction of industrial and urban architecture works

It is with the well-being of customers in mind that we design public and private spaces in harmony with man and nature

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